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We believe living a good, fulfilling and vibrant life starts with knowing you are already whole and have everything within. We believe in community, moving our bodies - even the inflexible ones, growing a spiritual practice, and feeling all the emotions of life. We intend to be a safe container for your unique journey.
Welcome home as you nourish, connect, and expand!

Recovery Yoga
Recovery Yoga originated from my work with pro-athletes to aid recovery, prevent and recover from injuries caused by repetitive sport-specific training. Now, I use it with people from all walks of life, especially those who don't think they can do yoga. You will learn how to cultivate a deep connection to your breath, increase flexibility, improve range of motion as well as relax, recharge and significantly reduce stress. All levels welcome, no experience necessary.
Power Yoga
This Power Yoga class uses your own body weight and combines many different elements of movement including power yoga, primal movement, core work and body sculpting. You will build strength and increase stamina, flexibility and mobility all while learning to use your breath to significantly reducing stress.
Prenatal Yoga
Prenatal Yoga is a wonderful way to ease into the rhythm of your changing body, prepare for birth, soothe your nervous system and connect with your baby. There are countless benefits to incorporating yoga into your routine during pregnancy, including preparing your body and mind for birth, learning to use the power of your breath, easing physical discomforts, and connecting with other moms-to-be. Each week you will learn and practice breathing, meditation and asana in preparation for birth and motherhood.

Signature Classes

Evening Wind Down
Did you know stretching before bed helps your body rejuvenate itself during sleep? This 30-min restorative session will relax the body and mind, and get you ready for a great quality sleep.

Energizing Morning Flow
This 45-min energetic flow has what you need to start the week off strong! We'll ease into it, build our way up to asanas, and perhaps find opportunities for a challenge.

Yoga for Self-Love
Enjoy a flow infused with heart and hip openers. Let's embrace our inner child and connect to our higher selves with this deeply nourishing self-love flow!

Sunday Scaries Restorative Yoga
Come relax and reset with this gentle yoga flow. Deep stretching infused with fluid movements ending with a soothing meditation. This class is perfect for battling Sunday Scaries anxiety, stress, or needing to calm the mind.

Gratitude Flow
This heart-opening practice has energizing elements, yet is slow-moving to appreciate each breath, posture, and transition. We'll get grounded, connected, and settled as we generate some gratitude for ourselves and our movements. Perfect for all levels.



Pam Kessinger is the creator of ALREADY WITHIN Yoga - our studio here at Pedalers Fork. Pam specializes in Recovery Yoga and teaches it to local professional athletes (NFL, NBA, cyclists, etc.) and everyone in between. Grounded in gratitude, Pam believes yoga should be fun and uses breathwork as a gateway to remind us to be still, listen and know that everything we seek is Already Within.

We believe if you have a body and you can breathe, then you can do yoga! We are all inclusive - no matter your fitness or flexibility level. We welcome you here to feel safe and supported as you learn to reduce stress, build strength and gain flexibility.

We believe you are already whole + have everything within. We're more than just a yoga studio - we're a community. Welcome Home!


I am so thrilled to have found the Already Within Yoga Studio! I love taking classes with Pam every week because she is such a kind, warm, and knowledgeable teacher. She’s also always so encouraging and ready to provide individual attention and modifications if needed!

Bridget Sampson
Chatsworth, CA

Pam has done an amazing job in creating such a welcoming and peaceful studio. Outside of the wide range of yoga classes, they have a multitude of other offerings like meditation, sound baths, astrology workshops, etc. Pam's warm personality and great energy has built a wonderful community at Already Within which keeps me coming back - it's my happy place!

Kim Dunbar
Calabasas, CA

Pam is absolutely incredible, insightful and a master of her craft. She carries such strong presence and has graciously created a beautiful community of like minded people. I have benefited tremendously from Pam's work and strongly encourage anyone who is interested in body/mind expansion to try it and you'll know what I am talking about.

Shirin Fouladi Ruf

Welcome Home!
We're more than just a yoga studio - we're a community.

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